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Buffet Equipment and Tabletop Service

When it comes to giving your customers food that looks as good as it tastes, what you serve it in is so important. Upgrade your service game with buffet equipment, tabletop service pieces, and chafing dishes that will impress your diners every time.

Commercial bartender equipment with drink shaker and ice scoop

Bar Service

From strainers to shakers and scoops to spoons, our line of bar service products has everything you need to transform your busy bar into a streamlined, efficient and effective operation.

Vollrath Bar Service Product Families

Small Vollrath dip bowls for commercial kitchen

Bowls and Ramekins

Whether it’s an appetizer or an entrée, a sauce or a side, we have a bowl or ramekin that can help you serve in style.

Vollrath Bowls and Ramekins Product Families

Vollrath breath guard for buffet

Breath Guards

Our mobile breath guards are versatile, lightweight, and available in a variety of sleek designs that easily blend with your décor, allowing you to deliver protection where you need it most.

Vollrath Breath Guards Product Families

Vollrath heat lamp for meat carving station

Buffet & Carving Stations

Make them say “wow” before they even taste your food with our line of trend-setting, versatile buffet and carving stations.

Vollrath Buffet & Carving Stations Product Families

Vollrath serving utensils for buffet


Available in a variety of designs, our durable, timeless buffetware adds a luxurious touch and elegantly withstands the test of time.

Vollrath Buffetware Product Families

Vollrath buffet chafers


Our chafers are available in a wide range of styles and sizes, and every design boasts an outstanding level of durability, quality and consistency.

Vollrath Chafers Product Families

Vollrath buffet chafer accessories

Chafer Accessories

From fuel holders to food pans, replacement parts to wire racks, our impressive line of accessories transforms your chafer into a customized, high-quality addition to your buffet.

Vollrath Chafer Accessories Product Families

Condiment service

Condiment service

Our line of durable, versatile condiment service products keeps your condiments organized, well-stocked and always within reach.

Vollrath Condiment service Product Families

Vollrath buffet serving dishes

Cubic Modular Display System

Our line of cubic modular display systems includes attractive risers, shelves, bowls, cooling plates and cutting boards that take customization to the next level.

Vollrath Cubic Modular Display System Product Families

Decorative Buffet Settings

Decorative Buffet Settings

When you pair your Miramar cookware with our decorative display settings you create an upscale, luxurious display like no other.

Vollrath Decorative Buffet Settings Product Families

Dripcut servers

Dripcut servers

Our Dripcut servers promise a premium user experience and prevent waste while allowing both your staff and your customers to dispense a wide variety of items with outstanding ease.

Vollrath Dripcut servers Product Families

Vollrath elevation stand for food at buffet

Elevation Stands & Risers

Create a unique, vertical display, maximize space and artfully arrange all your appetizing food products with our line of elevation stands and risers.

Vollrath Elevation Stands & Risers Product Families

Vollrath flatware


Whether you want a clean, traditional look or a unique, stylish design, our line of flatware offers an excellent selection of high-quality pieces to choose from.

Vollrath Flatware Product Families

Vollrath cast iron skillets and dutch ovens

Mini Serving Vessels

Whether you need a mini cast iron pan, taco tray, bucket, wok or something else, our line of mini serving vessels provides unique, attractive solutions to all your single-serving needs.

Vollrath Mini Serving Vessels Product Families

Vollrath food serving trays

Food Serving Pans

Featuring elegant design, shiny finishes and remarkable durability, these food serving pans are the epitome of luxury.

Vollrath Food Serving Pans Product Families

Vollrath stainless steel pitchers and creamers with lids

Pitchers and Creamers

The large selection in our line of pitchers and creamers is sure to provide exactly what you need, while the wide variety of colors, shapes and finishes creates the look you want.

Vollrath Pitchers and Creamers Product Families

Vollrath buffet plate covers

Plate Covers

Ensuring superior protection and outstanding quality, our line of plate covers helps you serve deliciously hot and appetizingly steamy food items with quality and consistency.

Vollrath Plate Covers Product Families

Serving Bowls

Serving Bowls

Available in nearly any color, shape and size combination you can imagine, our serving bowls allow you to create a display that is almost as appealing as the food you’re serving.

Vollrath Serving Bowls Product Families

Serving Trays

Serving Trays

Delicious foods deserve a sophisticated presentation, and our line of serving trays offer a wide range of exquisite options for you to choose from.

Vollrath Serving Trays Product Families



Maintain the safety and efficiency of your operation with clear signage. Designed to help both your customers and your employees, these signs minimize confusion and provide clarity.

Vollrath Signage Product Families

Vollrath specialty kitchen accessories

Specialty Service Items

Our line of specialty service items features a wide range of products that simplify your operation and enhance your customers’ experience.

Vollrath Specialty Service Items Product Families

Vollrath tabletop supplies

Tabletop Essentials

Easily meet your customers’ every need with our line of tabletop essentials, which features everything from salt shakers to sugar pourers and condiment baskets to wire caddies.

Vollrath Tabletop Essentials Product Families



No matter what type of tray you are looking for, our expansive line of durable, versatile trays is sure to offer an exceptional solution.

Vollrath Trays Product Families

Vollrath wine supplies for catering and restaurants

Wine Service

Our line of beautiful wine service items includes corkscrews, stoppers, buckets, coolers and more to help you serve your customers with elegance and efficiency.

Vollrath Wine Service Product Families