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Traex® Dripcut® "Cut-Of" Slide Imprinting

Dripcut servers

Traex® Dripcut® "Cut-Of" Slide Imprinting - DISCONTINUED

The Vollrath® Traex Dripcut slide imprinting makes it easier than ever to keep your servers labeled, organized and quickly identifiable. These slide imprints allow you to customize your syrup servers and label each flavor, helping you, your staff and your guests to maximize efficiency and improve the speed of service.

  • Imprint code designations: 01 = Honey 03 = Maple 04 = Boysenberry 05 = Strawberry 06 = Raspberry 07 = Apricot 08 = Lite 09 = Blueberry 10 = Wildberry 11 = Blackberry 18 = Twinberry
  • 2-4 week lead time
  • 100 piece minimum per imprint

The Vollrath Traex Dripcut Cut-Of Slide Imprinting Family