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Helping Schools Across America Feed the Future

Knowledge is power, and schools that choose Vollrath quickly learn how powerful their meal programs can be. We don’t just design and manufacture the school cafeteria equipment that makes the K-12 world go ‘round. We also use our experience and expertise to provide content and resources that help you and your school make smarter food decisions, tackling critical issues such as safe food handling, reducing food costs, cafeteria layout, meal patterns and participation, and ROI.

Vegetables on cutting board

Better Prep, Smoother Service

We’re your one-stop-shop for everything you need, from meal preparation equipment like dicers, slicers, and cutting boards, to the fully customizable serving stations that keep those meals warm and delicious throughout service.

Vollrath color coded serving utensils

Safety in Colors

Student safety is your #1 priority. That’s why we offer a variety of color-coded utensils, including our exclusive Purple Smallwares collection, which provides school kitchens with a designated set of tools for prepping allergen-friendly meals.

Coworkers having a discussion

Helpful Resources

Success in the K-12 kitchen takes more than the right equipment. Our online library of resources is here to help your operation be its best, including pieces on food safety, reducing food costs without sacrificing nutrition or quality, cafeteria design, meal patterns, and more.