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Cafeteria Layout

Optimize your cafeteria design

Welcome to the pandemonium of fifth-period lunch at a local Southern high school. Crowds swarming to sit together, staring at the latest social feeds, and shedding the stress of daily student life.

Bringing control to the chaos is key when it comes to helping students make the most of this 37-minute period. With well-designed equipment like the Signature Server®, Vollrath can help design a cafeteria experience that’s equally fun and functional.

With flexibility as the key ingredient, Vollrath offers a full line of versatile, durable serving solutions that can adapt to student traffic and behavioral patterns while optimizing the cafeteria space or satellite serving areas.

Vollrath Product Solutions

Serving Systems

Take your cafeteria from stressful to streamlined with our customizable, cost-effective serving systems. Simply tell us your needs, budget and preference and we’ll serve up the perfect solution for you.

Hot/Cold Drop-Ins

Serve something exciting every day of the week with our line of hot/cold drop-ins. With the hassle-free, versatile design, these drop-ins make it easy to change up your menu as often as you’d like.

Induction Dry Wells & Drop-Ins

Need to keep up with a busy lunch crowd? Our induction dry well drop-ins are the energy-efficient solution. Sleek, dependable and incredibly powerful, these drop-ins are a school cafeteria necessity.

Breath Guards

Strengthen your defenses with our line of reliable breath guards. Designed to provide protection, visibility and peace of mind, these breath guards allow you to establish a sleek barrier without creating a sense of separation.

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