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Case Studies

Improving Middle School Cafeteria Serving Lines

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Vollrath Pro Staff -

Vollrath Serving Systems: Middle School Serving Lines Case Study

Find out how a middle school used Vollrath Serving Systems to transform its cafeteria into a modern café. The new middle school in Sheboygan Falls, WI, was built in 2018 and offers breakfast and lunch for 540 students.

From Start To Finish

Vollrath entered the project with the objective to design a cafeteria that allows students to move through efficiently while offering more high-quality food choices that meet health and safety requirements.

The local Vollrath team provided the school with a full-service experience, starting by identifying the issues of the old cafeteria, which informed the design and operation of the new, completely updated Café.

In a true partnership with the school from start to finish, Vollrath was able to help boost the satisfaction of the student customers and as a consequence increase the cafeteria lunch sales considerably.

Download the Sheboygan Falls High School Case Study

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