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Colleges & Universities

To Feed the Best in Class, You Need the Best in Class

Your foodservice program plays an integral part in the overall student experience, and with higher learning comes a higher standard. Students don’t just want their food when they want it. They also want it to be better than your average food hall or college cafeteria. Vollrath has a long history of providing colleges and universities with everything they need to prep, cook, and serve fast, hot, and delicious meals for the college masses.

Chef using Vollrath food prep equipment to chop carrots

Prep More Food Faster

Our tough-as-nails food prep equipment will help you dice, slice, and cut large amounts of food safely and efficiently, making sure you’re ready to go before the mealtime rush.

Vollrath hotel pans with induction dry well drop ins

Save Time and Money

Between the fully customizable serving stations that increase service efficiency, to our waterless dry induction wells, we offer a number of products that help your team save time, money, and more.

Vollrath serving utensils with purple handles

Safety in Colors

Student safety is your #1 priority. That’s why we offer a variety of color-coded utensils designed with food safety guidelines in mind, including our exclusive Purple Smallwares collection, which provides college and university kitchens with a designated set of tools for prepping allergen-friendly meals.