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Cleaning and Sanitation

Put minds at ease

Sending your child off to school is a stressful experience for any parent, and the process can raise a lot of questions. Will they get enough to eat? Will they get along with their roommate? Will they have enough money to pay for it all?

Helping parents and students feel comfortable means eliminating their worries and addressing their concerns. When questions regarding cleanliness or sanitation arise, we think Vollrath should be your answer.

Vollrath wants to help put minds at ease, which is why we offer a variety of cleaning and sanitizing solutions. With products like breath guards, hands-free door pulls and portable cleaning carts, it’s easier than ever to keep everyone clean and safe.

Cleaning & Sanitary Solutions

Hand Washing Stations

Keep everyone in your college or university clean by taking the sink and the soap with you. Thanks to the durable construction, sleek design and swift maneuverability, our hand washing stations can go wherever they are needed.

Hands-Free Door Pulls

The best way to deal with germ traps is to eliminate them, which is why we created our hands-free door pulls. Designed to reduce the transmission of germs, these easy-to-use door pulls are perfect for any college or university.

Safety Guards and Breath Guards

Strengthen your defenses with our safety guards and breath guards. Designed to provide protection, visibility and peace of mind, these guards allow you to establish a sleek barrier without creating a sense of separation.

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