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Sanitary Drain Box Kit

Food Storage

Sanitary Drain Box Kit

Thaw, drain, hold and transport a variety of foods in this durable, convenient drain box. The kit, which includes a 5-inch-deep drain box, 7-inch-deep holding box and a cover, is ideal for thawing and draining frozen meats, fruits and vegetables, plus it’s handy for keeping prepared foods iced before serving without them getting soggy. It’s made of impact-resistant polyethylene, and built-in handles on the boxes provide easy lifting and transport. The cover keeps food sealed in during storage and transport.

  • Made of durable impact-resistant, high-density polyethylene
  • Perforated box drains liquids that are collected in the holding box
  • Ideal for thawing and draining fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables or keeping prepared foods iced before serving
  • Made in the USA

The Vollrath Sanitary Drain Box Kit Family