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Explore Vollrath's Safety Guards and Breath Guards

An Artful Combination of Form, Function, and Protection.

Vollrath’s line of safety and breath guards effectively provide a stylish and dependable barrier that can protect both people and food from potential contamination, while maintaining a healthy environment for both customers and the staff. The breath guards are available traditional, contemporary, progressive, and low profile styles and come with optional accessories such as lights and Vollrath’s Cayenne® heat strips to help provide an assortment of solutions to the foodservice professional creating a buffet presentation. Safety guards come in hanging, mobile and mounted options and are perfect for meeting and exceeding social distancing requirements. They are ideal for supermarkets, convenience stores, lecture halls, classrooms, offices and other public spaces


Learn about our complete line of safety guards and breath guards that protect against airborne threats to safety.

We create more than just breath guards that protect food, we also develop safety guards made for protecting people. Our safety guards provide a protective barrier against airborne germs that are spread by sneezes and other means and these guards can be placed wherever you need them. The height of their acrylic panels can be adjusted to offer a versatile way to maintain proper social distancing.

  • Come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs
  • Panels create a barrier that protects customers and employees from germs and other airborne contaminants
  • Durable and professional-looking

Our mobile breath guards conveniently offer protection from germs, dust and other contaminants wherever you need it. They feature acrylic panels that ensure product visibility. These countertop breath guards are lightweight yet durable, making them easy to transport.

  • Acrylic panels ensure product visibility while protecting against dust, germs and other contaminants
  • Lightweight yet durable design makes transport easy
  • Ship knocked down and are easy to assemble

Adjustable breath guards are as flexible as they are protective. These breath guards are ideal for a variety of serving systems and feature a singular adjustment point, so it only takes one person to change the positioning of the tempered glass panels. The versatile panels allow for easy cleaning and access to product without sacrificing protection.

  • Adjustable panels allow for easy cleaning and access to product
  • Singular adjustment points mean the panels can be adjusted by one person, saving time and labor
  • Versatile enough to adapt to a variety of serving applications without compromising food protection
  • Tempered glass panels ensure superior durability, while also providing excellent product visibility
  • LED lighting options available

Our fixed breath guards offer a classic look that also helps keep your food safe. Available in contemporary, standard, and progressive styles, these breath guards come standard in 2-6-well lengths. The tempered glass panels shield food while keeping it highly visible.

  • Tempered glass panels provide superior protection and durability while keeping food highly visible
  • Available in contemporary, standard, and progressive styles
  • Come in standard sizes for 2-6 well configuration
  • Custom sizes also available

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