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Rethinking Kitchen Essentials: Squeeze Dispensers

Vollrath Pro Staff -

Squeeze Dispensers Repurposed for Sanitizing

Hand sanitizer is a hot commodity these days and nearly impossible to get a hold of in retail stores. If you’re lucky enough to source it in bulk, or make your own, Vollrath offers a surprising solution for dispensing it in reasonably sized quantities: squeeze dispensers. They are commonly used in commercial kitchens to keep condiments, toppings, dressings and batters organized and allow for easy and precise dispensation. The good news is they work just as well for hand sanitizer! Vollrath produces a large variety of sizes and colors of squeeze bottles, all durable and easy to clean.

This timely and ingenious application for squeeze bottles was put into practice by a national brewery that was only able to source hand sanitizer in large quantities and had to find a way to distribute it to its employees. It’s gratifying to know that Vollrath’s products help keep the employees safe, and customers too.

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