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Benefits of the Companion Cart Mobile Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting System

Vollrath Pro Staff -

Self-contained cleaning system makes sanitizing anywhere easier than ever

It is no secret that cleanliness and sanitation are of the utmost importance today – in every public setting like health facilities, long-term care facilities, manufacturing locations and retail environments where contaminated items can pose a major health risk to anyone who encounters them. But cleaning and disinfecting those contaminated items that are not near a water source can be time-consuming, inefficient and ineffective.

The Companion Cart Mobile Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting System from Stoelting changes all of that in an easy to use and easy to maintain mobile system.

It substantially reduces the time and effort needed to clean any contaminated items because rather than bringing them to a water source to clean, users can now bring the cleaning station to their items.   The carts can be filled by easily connecting with a water source and moved to convenient location.  Adding sanitizer allows for additional disinfecting that can meet FDA and NSF certifications.   Please see sanitizer instructions for exact procedures.

The Companion Cart comes in two styles that can accommodate nearly any utility setup:

Companion Cart 1 features:

  • Modular design for easy disassemble, transport and reassemble.
  • Does not require an electrical connection. The faucet runs off of water pressure from the hose.
  • The hose connects directly and easily to the water supply (CIPCART-1 only).
  • Fifty foot hose is safe for potable water.
  • On-board 15-gallon gray water tank means fewer trips to empty the tank, saving time and labor.
  • Spray wand with adjustable flow rate creates an easier and more efficient sanitizing process.
  • Built-in holders for hose, paper towel, and sanitizing wipes (included) improve efficiency.
  • Extendable drain board provides additional counter space.
  • Caster wheels, two lock.

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Companion Cart 2 features

All of the features of the CIPCART-1 system plus the following:

  • Self-contained operation.
  • On-board 15-gallon freshwater and 15-gallon gray water tanks enable use of the cart without an external water connection.
  • The 12V SLA battery-powered water pump provides up to three hours of regular use.
  • Integrated Hydra Rinse™ sanitizing and washing system includes a spray wand with coiled hose that connects to LEXX™ liquid sanitizer and cleaner concentrate (included).
  • Dial controls enable the user to switch between water or LEXX™ delivery, creating full sanitizing capabilities.
  • Recommended sanitizing products are environmentally friendly and EPA certified as a hospital grade disinfectant when used with a disinfecting wand (sold separately).
  • Recommended product can also meet FDA requirements for medical devices. Please consult the sanitizing solution documentation for instructions.
  • Pump battery recharges in approximately two hours.
  • Foldable faucet for easy storage.
  • Folding step stool, rated for 250 lbs., conveniently stows on cart
  • 6 ft. (183 cm) battery charger cord.

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Additional accessories are sold separately, HydraRinse all-purpose wipes, and LEXX Liquid sanitizer and cleaner concentrate (1 Gallon).

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