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Episode 49

Teaching Foodservice Lifestyle

This week, we take a dive into the teaching side of the culinary arts with Chef Jennifer Denlinger who runs the Culinary Management and Hospitality Management programs at Valencia College’s Poinciana campus in Florida. We delve into a variety of topics including: how she prepares her students for a career in foodservice, teaching culinary skills during a pandemic, training advice for operators, and much more.


Be sure to follow Chef Rich and Justin on Twitter at @ChefRrupp and @jupehr.

Episode Notes

1:01 – About our guest, Chef Jennifer Denlinger

9:20 – Chef D Joins the Show

10:55 – Chef D’s Culinary Journey

12:51 – Turn Towards Teaching

18:03 – COVID-19 and Online Learning

27:15 – Training Advice for Operators 

33:37 – The Students

35:11 – Hierarchy of the Kitchen

37:12 – Women in the Kitchen

41:41 – Ambassador to Florida Cuisine

49:62 – Brain Dominance in Culinary and Pastry

55:37 – Chef D’s Inspirational Quote