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Sound foodservice advice

TJ Schier has learned a lot in his over three-decade run in the foodservice industry. His experience as both a restaurant franchisee and a foodservice consultant gives him a unique perspective on the ins and outs of the operational side of the food world. In this episode, TJ weighs-in on a host of topics such as: catering, take-out, third-party delivery, and creating a culture with your employees. So sit back and enjoy nearly an hour of free advice that can help you on your foodservice journey.


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Episode Notes

0:44 – About our guest, TJ Schier

6:40 – TJ Joins the Show

7:10 – TJ’s Journey through Foodservice

12:15 – Work Life Balance

14:49 – Formulating a Take-Out Strategy

20:28 – Packaging Technology

23:50 – Working with 3rd Party Delivery

29:07 – High Performing Employees

36:59 – Employee + Customer Loyalty

44:44 – Post Pandemic

48:54 – Chuck E. Cheese

52:15 – Restaurant Consultant Process

57:05 – TJ’s Inspirational Quote