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Episode 60

All About NAFEM

The North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers has been part of the foodservice industry for over 70 years. NAFEM Executive Vice President Deirdre Flynn joins the show to provide some background on her organization’s mission and the benefits it provides to manufacturers and operators alike.


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Episode Notes

0:46 – We want to hear from you! 

2:17 – Trade shows 

2:56 – What NAFEM does 

4:51 – A typical day in the booth 

7:45 – Memories from the NAFEM Show

8:39 – Deirdre Flynn joins the show 

12:15 – The source of Deidre’s drive 

14:12 – Levels of NAFEM membership 

15:58 – What NAFEM provides to the industry 

20:20 – Keeping a finger on the pulse 

23:39 – Deirdre’s experience in the industry 

25:37 – Feeding America and giving back 

32:09 – The NAFEM Board 

37:26 – How NAFEM benefits operators 

41:52 – Industry research 

46:15 – Tips for attending the NAFEM Show 

52:44 – Future NAFEM Show sites 

54:22 – Upcoming virtual NAFEM experiences 

57:52 – Deirdre’s inspirational quote 

1:00:54 – Nate’s Notes 

1:03:35 – Outro


Different Videos

Like you, we were disappointed when we found out that we could not get together at the NAFEM Show this year. So we wanted to do our part to bring the show experience to you virtually. Overing the coming weeks we will be launching new videos that feature our latest products and training. Enjoy!