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Episode 7

AutoQuotes = Solutions

Chef Rich and Justin talk about why induction is better than gas and spice up your quarantine cooking with a simple and delicious pasta dish.

AutoQuotes CEO, Jim Contardi, joins the show to explain how and why they are the number one source for foodservice equipment manufacturers, dealers, reps, and consultants to simplify the sales process and work together to sell more – faster.


Be sure to follow Chef Rich and Justin on Twitter at @ChefRrupp and @jupehr.

Chef Rich’s Sausage Pasta recipe:
See Recipe

Episode Notes

1:08 – What is AutoQuotes?

4:40 – Cooking at home

6:40 – Electric, gas, or induction

13:33 – Chef Rich “Quarantine Cooking” recipe

14:53 – Staple pantry ingredients

17:34 – Italian sausage pasta recipe

19:20 – Jim Contardi, AutoQuotes CEO, joins the show

26:09 – AQ growth strategies

30:57 – What’s next

33:34 – AQ project process

36:08 – Jim’s background

42:42 – AQ and Covid19

47:32 – Jim’s inspirational quote