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Episode 24

Press On

24,000 transactions. For Glenn Loughridge, that's what an average 24 hours looks like in a nutshell (or better yet, peanut shell). Managing the appetites of a massive student population, as well as game day food services, is no small feat. But it's all in a day's work for Auburn University's director of dining services.


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Episode Notes

0:37 – Regional Favorite Foods 

5:57 – Glenn Loughridge Joins the Show

6:33 – Returning to Auburn University during COVID-19

8:30 – Serving Students via an App and Food Lockers

12:50 – Home Chef Meal Kits for Students

13:26 – Horticulture Students Role in the Dining Hall  

19:36 – Redesigning the Dining Hall at Auburn

23:04 – Streamlining out of Necessity

24:22 – Flexibility Saved Us, and other Lessons Learned

27:43 – Creative Approach for Choosing Partners 

32:33 – NACAS

35:08 – 24,000 Transactions a Day

36:11 – Stadium and Sports Venues

39:34 – Boiled Peanuts, Funnel Cake & a Good Pretzel

43:14 – The Winding Path to Director of Dining Services

46:34 – Culinary Successes and Tragedies 

50:17 – Keeping Up with Trends

53:28 – The Legend of the War Eagle

55:40 – Glenn’s Inspirational Quote