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Episode 53

From Kentucky to Hell’s Kitchen

Enjoy the contagious energy and incredible wisdom that Chef Brittani Ratcliff provides on this episode of The Vollrath Feed. She talks about the lessons she has learned on her culinary journey, discusses her experiences as a sous chef at Morehead State University, and gives us an inside look at her experiences of Season 19 of Hell’s Kitchen.


Be sure to follow Chef Rich and Justin on Twitter at @ChefRrupp and @jupehr.

Episode Notes

00:44 – We bring you the industry, not ads

03:10 – About our guest, Chef Brittani Ratcliff

05:12 – Chef vocabulary

08:49 – Chef Ratcliff joins the show

09:55 – Chef Ratcliff’s journey through foodservice

12:43 – The key to a quality dumpling

14:10 – The “go to” dish for Appalachian cooking

17:16 – Choosing the right career

21:34 – Challenges of the industry

23:13 – Painful learning process

26:40 – Cooking on campus

32:36 – Kitchen family

33: 50 – Legally blind, not a good enough reason to slow down

35:58 – Entering Hell’s Kitchen

39:14 – Kitchen mouth

44:05 – The rigor of reality TV

47:29 – The show experience

59:58 – Takeaways from the show

62:39 – Chef Ratcliff’s daily affirmations

64:48 – Nate’s recap