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Episode 41

Feeding the Steelers

As an executive chef for Parkhurst Dining Services, Kevin Blinn is responsible for feeding both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the University of Pittsburgh’s football teams. He joins Chef Rich and Justin to talk about the relationship between food and football, menu planning, recipe development and his favorite equipment.


Be sure to follow Chef Rich and Justin on Twitter at @ChefRrupp and @jupehr.

Episode Notes

0:57 – Introduction of Chef Kevin Blinn

2:23 – Nutrition for the Pittsburgh Steelers

4:29 – Chef Kevin Joins the Show

6:34 – Creating a Menu for the Players

10:46 – Preparing for the Draft

12:22 – Sourcing Food & Serving Healthy

16:58 – Chef Kevin’s Career Path

20:11 – Revolutionary Equipment

23:08 – COVID-19

25:24 – Work Life Balance

27:01 – Recipe Development 

32:42 – Food Equipment Product

35:26 – Pittsburgh Pride

37:30 – Favorite Dishes

40:20 – Food for Performance

42:30 – Chef’s Best & Worst Meals

45:50 – Chef Kevin’s Inspirational Quote