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Back of house Solutions

Make the magic happen

The back of the house is where the chef shines. It’s also where we are at our best. Our true commercial-grade products are tough and built to last, especially in the rigorous environment of a commercial kitchen. Our all-natural antimicrobial utensils promote food safety and our small kitchen solutions are full of quality equipment that is versatile, giving options without taking up unneeded space.

Our all-natural antimicrobial utensils aren’t a miracle, they’re simply science. Silver and zinc ions are built right into the handles, preventing cellular reproduction, obstructing cellular respiration, and starving bacteria. Giving peace of mind to all who come into contact with these amazing tools

Space can often be at a premium in a commercial kitchen, but that shouldn’t impact the quality of the food that comes out of it. We offer numerous pieces of equipment that can multitask, expanding the menu while minimizing the footprint needed to produce it.

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