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Food Safety the cold truth

Vollrath can help serve food safely

When feeding for the students of today, food safety seems more important, yet more complicated, than ever. Things like celiac disease, lactose intolerance and food allergies can make it difficult to ensure that every student has access to a variety of safe, healthy options.

Thankfully, Vollrath has your back. We offer a range of products that are designed to simplify and streamline food safety, so you can accommodate whatever dietary restrictions come your way.

In addition to equipment that keeps both hot and cold foods at proper serving temperatures, we offer a system of color-coded utensils and smallwares to avoid cross-contamination, prevent allergic reactions, and serve food safely.

Vollrath Product Solutions

NSF 7 Forced Air Cold Drop-Ins

Designed to perfectly maintain food quality and taste, our forced air drop-ins ensure that your cold food items are just as crisp and fresh for the nighttime-snackers as they are for the early-risers.

Breath Guards

Strengthen your defenses with our line of reliable breath guards. Designed to provide protection, visibility and peace of mind, these breath guards allow you to establish a sleek barrier without creating a sense of separation.

4-Series Induction Ranges

If you’re searching for powerful heating, impressive efficiency and a plethora of safety features wrapped in a convenient, space-saving package, look no further than our 4-Series induction ranges. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

LidSaver™ 3 Dispensers

The best way to deal with messes is to prevent them before they happen. With the LidSaver 3 dispensers, your counters will stay clean, lids will stay organized, and students will have quick access to everything they need. Everybody wins.

Articles on Food Safety

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Safe Food Handling Tips

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