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All-Natural Antimicrobial Utensils

Vollrath Pro Staff -

Vollrath offers many serving utensils that have silver or zinc ions built right into the handles. This design provides a no-nonsense, all-natural antimicrobial solution to help you meet and exceed safety standards for your serving environment. Products that feature antimicrobial design include Spoodle® utensils, dishers, ladles, and tongs.


Unlike chemical or man-made antimicrobials which generally interact with only one specific site on a microbe, the natural antimicrobial compound attacks multiple targets on the microbe:

  • Prevents cell reproduction
  • Obstructs cell respiration
  • Starves the bacteria


Positive ions present in moisture exchange with silver or zinc ions on the zeolite. The exchanged ions are now available to control microbial growth. Silver and zinc are natural, environmentally friendly and proven completely safe for food contact. They have no toxic effects on people, but are very effective in combating a broad spectrum of bacteria. Vollrath uses all-natural antimicrobial to help create a clean, antimicrobial environment. Silver and zinc ions naturally and continuously fight the growth of microbes every time a Vollrath utensil handle is touched or comes in contact with moisture. Each time it happens, the ions become active and go to work destroying microbes — preventing them from growing into a dangerous population.


It means the ability to destroy bacteria, mildew and molds — dangerous enemies to the kitchen. At Vollrath, we believe in creating products that help keep kitchen environments cleaner and safer through our wide offering of NSF and HACCP products. Our latest innovation, Vollrath® smallwares with all-natural antimicrobial, gives you the added advantage of effectively fighting and protecting against dangerous microbial invasions — for the life of the product.

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