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Ensure Food Safety with an HACCP Program

Vollrath color coded serving utensils
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What is HACCP?

A Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point food safety system helps you:

  • Identify the foods and procedures that are most likely to cause foodborne illness
  • Build in procedures that reduce risk of foodborne outbreaks
  • Monitor all procedures to ensure food safety

Source: Serving Safe Food: Certification Coursebook © 1995

HACCP - The Vollrath Way

Protect your employees and customers with a HACCP program that utilizes these Vollrath products. 

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HACCP Vollrath Products

Color-Coded Nylon Prep Spoons

  • Color coding provides easy identification for controlled food contact
  • High temperature nylon - heat resistant to 400° (204°C)

Color-Coded Kool-Touch® Tongs

  • Color coding provides easy identification for controlled food contact
  • Springless design helps eliminate bacteria-prone food traps

Color-Coded Basting Spoons

  • Color coding provides easy identification for controlled food contact
  • One-piece design helps elminate bacteria-prone food traps

Color-Coded Cutting Boards

  • Color coding provides easy identification for controlled food contact
  • High density non-porous surface will not stain or absorb juices

High Temperature Utensils

  • Heat resistant to the required high temperatures for cooking eggs and meats
  • Unique blade design lifts the blade off the counter to reduce risk of cross-contamination

Antimicrobial Utensils

  • Fights the growth of microbes in three ways

Steam Table Pans with Covers

  • Going from freezer to oven to service line without re-panning reduces food handling and risks of cross contamination
  • Unique reinforced corners and flat edges resist bending so pan seals the steam in the well for accurate temperature control

Cookware with TriVent® Handles

  • Permanently bonded handles help eliminate slide-on handle food traps

Warewashing Racks

  • Open design exposes the maximum surface area for proper sanitation

Cayenne® Heat N Serve Merchandisers

  • Take prepared foods from frozen or refrigerated to piping hot quickly
  • Maintain temperatures in excess of 140°F necessary for safe food service

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