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Episode 36

Turning Passion into Profits

Chef Annette Conrad of Edible Impressions in Mequon, Wisconsin has been described as a “cookie snob.” She joins Chef Rich and Justin on the show this week to discuss the transition from obsessed baker to business owner. Hear her thoughts on the perfect sugar cookie, starting her own business, keeping clients happy, and more.


Be sure to follow Chef Rich and Justin on Twitter at @ChefRrupp and @jupehr.

Episode Notes

1:01 – Introducing Chef Annette Conrad

8:09 – Chef Annette Conrad Joins the Show

9:25 – From Hobby to Business

13:19 – All the Details

16:04 – Saying No = Builds Trust

18:17 – Teamwork

21:31 – Events

25:28 – Cookier

27:26 – Copyrighted Material

29:34 – Cocktail Art

33:57 – Baking Preferences

36:10 – Crunchy or Chewy

38:06 – The Recipe + Pro Tips

42:27 – Home Kitchen to Commercial Kitchen

44:57 – Brick and Mortar

48:53 – Business Advice

51:00 – 3D Printing

54:24 – How to Order

57:47 – Annette’s Inspirational Quote

59:49 – Annette’s Favorite Vollrath Product

1:00:04 - Find Edible Impressions Online

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