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Episode 43

Customer Service and Technology Collide

Data and technology can go a long way in creating a quality customer experience at a foodservice operation. Peter Czimback, Vice President of Global Digital Incubation and Founder of Emerge at Aramark, joins the show to discuss the relationship between tech and the foodservice industry. He gives his assessment about where the industry currently stands and where it may be heading. He also shares his insights on a variety of topics including: autonomous stores, targeted advertising, robotics, and how small businesses can use data to enhance the customer experience.


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Episode Notes

1:15 – What’s New at The Feed

3:58 – About Our Guest, Peter Czimback - Aramark

6:48 – Technology vs Human Touch

12:50 – Peter Czimback Joins the Show

14:02 – Let’s Talk About Tech

18:24 – Start with the Guest Experience

21:47 – New Technology for Small Businesses

25:01 – Using Technology to Focus on the Customer Experience

29:05 – Changes resulting from COVID-19

40:11 – Autonomous Stores

44:24 – Targeted Advertising

54:28 – Robotics and Automation

1:00:59 – Emerge

1:06:06 – Peter’s Inspirational Quote