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Reduced Food Costs

Make the most of your budget

Budget reviews: everyone’s least favorite meeting. Whether you need to justify your spending or do some serious number slashing, these meetings are especially stressful because a few small changes can redefine your entire year.

Thankfully, Vollrath wants to help you stretch your budget without skimping on quality. That may sound difficult to some, but it’s precisely what our products were designed to do.

With items like our induction rethermalizers and color-coded, precisely-sized utensils, you’ll reduce energy usage, control portions, prevent food waste and more, which will allow you to improve your bottom line while streamlining your entire operation.

Vollrath Product Solutions

Induction Soup Rethermalizers

Soup has never been more enticing. Our streamlined induction soup rethermalizers maintain perfect serving temperatures, maximize efficiency and simplify serving, so your students and your budget will thank you.

Super Pan V® Steam Table Pans

We spent hours designing the perfect steam table pan because even the basics deserve the best. Select the ideal size and shape for your needs, and we know you’ll be thanking us for years to come.

Manual Food Processors

Everyone knows that time is money, especially when you’re on a tight schedule and dealing with hungry students. Thankfully, our manual food processors are designed to slice through your prep time and help you ace the first step of any great dish.

Portion Control

In the craziness of a busy cafeteria, our portion control products can seem like the calm in the storm. These products help you manage portions and prevent cross-contamination with easily identifiable color-coding, accurate sizing and comfortable grips.

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Mirage® Induction Rethermalizer

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