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Save Money with Vollrath Portion Control Utensils

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The unfortunate evolution of infectious diseases has, at times, forced many restaurants to change the way they do business. In some instances, establishments are limited to the number of patrons they can seat at a given time. Others are forced to run ghost kitchens as they transition to take-out and/or deliver-only service. With a limited number of tickets coming into the window on a daily basis, there is additional pressure added to the profit margins of each item on the menu.

In these unique situations, controlling your food costs demands accurate, repeatable portion sizing. Every penny of counts.

The trouble is: how do you ensure that your kitchen staff is using the proper size utensil when portioning out those to-go and delivery orders?

Vollrath simplifies portion control with a complete system of serving utensils, color-coded for quick and easy size selection. Your menu calls for 2 ounces of vegetables, tell your staff to use the blue Spoodle®. Serving 4 ounces of stuffing? Use a gray disher. It's that simple. No more searching through a drawer of look-alike utensils trying to read the capacity stamps.

Not only does the accuracy and ease-of-use of our portion control utensils save money, it provides customers with a predictable experience. After all, portion sizes are one of the first things a guest notices when food arrives.

What’s more, many of our portion control utensils feature a lifetime limited warranty as well as handles that contain silver and zinc ions that have all-natural antimicrobial properties.

When money matters (as it always does) you can depend upon Vollrath’s portion control utensils to provide outstanding reliability, consistent portioning, and measurable food savings.


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