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Episode 75

Viewing Food as Education

When it comes to nutrition, schools have to balance quality with costs. Chef Samantha Cowens-Gasbarro, chef/school nutrition consultant at Healthy School Recipes, joins Chef Rich and Justin to discuss how she helps schools serve nutritious food and turn dining into an educational opportunity.


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Episode Notes

0:38 – Stick around for Nate’s Notes 

1:21 – School nutrition has come a long way 

4:33 – The importance of consultants 

6:09 – Chef Samantha Cowens-Gasbarro joins the show 

6:53 – Chef Samantha’s foodservice journey 

10:02 – The origins of nutritional trends 

11:33 – Balancing quality and costs 

17:09 – Scratch cooking in schools 

19:38 – Food as an educational tool 

26:50 – Getting buy-in 

30:42 – Cook once, serve twice 

32:37 – Resources for success 

34:14 – When school nutrition started to shift 

42:01 – Missing the kitchen 

43:57 – Becoming a foodie early 

45:53 – Making the case for consultants

52:09 – Chef Samantha’s inspirational quote 

54:27 – Nates Notes 

58:01 – Outro

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