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Fruit Slicer

Manual Food Processors

Fruit Slicer

The Vollrath® fruit slicer creates beautifully consistent slices of juicy pineapple, sweet honeydew and cantaloupe while saving up to 75 percent of the time and energy normally wasted slicing fruit by hand. With one simple stroke of the textured handle, this sturdy countertop unit makes high-quality slices that are an impressive addition to any fruit salad, desserts or salad bars. To avoid corrosion, wash thoroughly after using.

  • Easily cuts a variety of fruits
  • Sharp blades create clean, consistent slices
  • Textured handle allows for a steady grip
  • Suction cup feet prevent movement during use
  • 5-inch slicing area cuts through large amounts of fruit in one stroke

The Vollrath Fruit Slicer Family