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Episode 20

The Smile's Worth It

There isn't really a day off for food nutrition director, Amy Lawrenz. When she isn't actively managing nutrition programs for multiple school districts, she's thinking about how to improve it, and she wouldn't have it any other way.


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Episode Notes

1:03 – K-12 Foodservice

5:30 – Summer Foodservice

10:30 – Amy Lawrenz Joins the Show

12:22 – Two Independent Districts with Two Independent Views

15:00 – Different options for K through 12

17:30 – Serving through the Summer

20:02 – Budget & COVID-19 Challenges

29:50 – Student Input

33:43 – Wisconsin, The Dairy State

35:31 – Semi-Homemade

37:06 – Foodservice Speed & Flexibility

40:21 – Reenergize & wellness Breaks

43:46 – Amy’s Inspirational Quote