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Induction Products

induction range

Vollrath Induction Technology - Engineered with Exactitude

Vollrath’s line of induction products provides an unrelenting promise to chefs and restaurant owners: it’s called Engineered with Exactitude and it means remaining committed to delivering more power, efficiency, precision, and safety in the kitchen and beyond. Our product line is extensive—from the induction dry well system to induction ranges, buffet warmers, rethermalizers and more, Vollrath takes induction technology to the next level with intelligent control and design that’s as sleek as it is durable. Experience the Engineered with Exactitude difference — we promise it’s worth it. 

Vollrath Induction: Simple

For chefs, these new induction ranges not only emulate gas, they exceed gas. A remarkable capacity for power, precision, and control like nothing you've ever laid your hands on. Take a few minutes to watch them in action and allow us to bring to life what we've spent years perfecting.

Induction range

Unbelievably Efficient

With induction technology, heat is generated by the pan itself rather than an open flame or electrical current. Because of this, heat is transferred straight to the pan’s contents creating extreme energy efficiency and even heat distribution.

Induction range

Incredibly precise.

Put the control back into the chef’s hands. While traditional set-ups require adjusting a gas flame or electric heat source up or down to reach the temperature needed, users can now dial in an exact power level or temperature.

Induction well drop ins

Undeniably safer.

Forget the hassles of steam baths and the dangers of hot stovetops. Our induction ranges, rethermalizers, and dry wells feature auto shut-off options, small article detections, “hot” warning displays, and overheat protectio n— in other words, we’ve made safety as exceptional as everything else.

Serving with Induction

Achieve five-star service with optimal hot food holding and precise temperature control without the hassles of traditional steam wells.