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Serving with Induction Technology

Achieving optimal hot food service is no small feat. It can be messy, cumbersome, and if not done right, can all too easily diminish food quality and presentation—until now. Discover a smarter way to serve with Vollrath’s induction technology, available across a wide range of products from dry wells and warmers to drop-in ranges and rethermalizers. When you use Vollrath induction technology, you can expect excellent hot food holding, precise temperature control, and overall safer operation time and time again.

Induction dry well

Anyone who’s seen it in action, knows the power and precision of Vollrath’s Induction Dry Well System. How within its waterless well the Thermistor allows for precise temperatures. How being waterless also means it’s safer by overcoming the pitfalls of traditional stream wells. And its matching SuperPan V® induction-ready pans make this system not only smart but nearly impossible to refuse. See it and believe it.

Induction dry well

Our Induction Dry Well System eliminates the need for water, steam, refills, and drains. By using induction technology, the holding pan itself becomes the heat source and each well features not one but two induction zones with adjustable temperature control, resulting in better control of food temperature, freshness, and quality. Food is precisely heated and kept at the desired temperature for any length of time. Flexible, durable, easy to clean and to use, the Vollrath Induction Dry Well System is Engineered with Exactitude.

Drop in

Get set to sautée! Our induction drop-in range tops are great for cooking on the spot and come in a variety of configurations to fit your needs. What makes an induction range so unique is that there isn’t a heated surface. The pan gets hot, the food gets hot. So if there is no pan on the unit, no heat is produced, making for ultimate safety and energy efficiency.

Induction warmers

Your serving system would not be complete without a set of drop-in induction warmers. Vollrath induction warmers eliminate the need for traditional water baths—which means no steam, no drain, and no hassle. Instead, a 3D induction coil heats food evenly and efficiently, while unique temperature sensors provide extremely accurate temperature control while preventing food from burning and maintaining food quality.

Induction rethermalizers

Rethermalizers work hard to heat up food from a chilled or frozen state. Vollrath induction rethermalizers do the same work with more ease, precision, and efficiency and in less time, all without the need for water. Plus, unique sensors ensure food in near-empty insets is prevented from burning, ultimately maintaining food quality and reducing food waste.