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Cooking with Induction.

Cooking it right one time means cooking it right every time. That’s why countless professional chefs rely on Vollrath’s unrivaled assortment of induction ranges to deliver the consistency, precision, and efficiency they need in the kitchen. The key concept of induction is that heat is generated by the pan itself. Using magnetic induction, energy is transferred from the heat source directly to the pan and its contents. For this reason, Vollrath induction ranges are 90 percent more energy-efficient than conventional electric or gas cooking products. When compared to butane, they reduce energy costs, heat up faster, hotter and with more exactness, and they are safer because they do not use an open flame. As we like to call it, Vollrath induction cooking solutions are Engineered with Exactitude.

Vollrath induction range

There is no denying the power and durability of Vollrath induction ranges. Whether for heavy-duty back-of-the-house range cooking, countertop cooking, or standalone stockpot stations, there is nothing more efficient, more precise, or more safe than Vollrath. Doubt us? See for yourself.

Cooking on induction range

A remarkable capacity for power. Impeccable precision. And control like nothing you’ve ever laid your hands on. Vollrath’s newest line of induction ranges is the stuff that chefs’ dreams are made of. From digital touch screens and helpful presets to ultra-sleek design, they’re as easy to operate as they are to look at.

Heavy duty ranges

Commercial kitchens require top-of-the-line, high-powered cooking equipment, and Vollrath’s heavy-duty induction ranges bring the heat! Not only are these ranges better able to meet energy expense requirements — 90 percent efficient versus 50 percent for gas — flameless cooking leads to safer working conditions, cooler kitchens, and is excellent for menu items that require more accurate temperature control.

Countertop induction range

Versatile, lightweight, easy to transport, packed with power—these are just some of the ways to describe Vollrath countertop induction ranges. Frankly, they’re everything chefs want in a cooktop and more. And because they’re portable and emit less heat than traditional gas cooktops, they’re perfect for food trucks, small kitchens, presentation cooking, and omelet and reheat stations.

Specialty induction range

In need of that special touch? Look no further than Vollrath specialty induction ranges, including the Ultra Fajita Heater and Induction Wok. These one-of-a-kind range styles make for brilliant presentation, ssss-izzling temps, and sleek, easy-to-clean design.

Serving with Induction

Achieve five-star service with optimal hot food holding and precise temperature control without the hassles of traditional steam wells.