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Warming with Induction

Here’s an idea worth warming up to: make Vollrath’s induction buffet warmers and rethermalizers a part of your kitchen collection. They’re the perfect solution to keeping food warm, fresh, and ready to serve whether in a buffet line, banquet hall, food truck, or the back of the house. While most standard warming units overheat food to the point of leaving it burnt and crusty around the edge and at the bottom of the pan, Vollrath’s countertop warming products are designed with unique sensors and precise temperature control to keep food exactly as its meant to be served. Plus, they’re energy-efficient, easy to clean, and easy on the eyes.

Induction buffet warmer

Sleek design, elegant control, and hassle-free power. Vollrath’s Mirage® Buffet Induction Warmers bring the best in warming technology to your buffet while making it nearly invisible to your customer. The warmers offer four power levels—low, medium, high, and chafer preheat. And, what’s more, they allow you to maximize your offerings without maxing out your electrical capacity—the low wattage warmers can be interconnected to one electrical outlet, which simplifies planning and management.

Induction rethermalizer on the counter

We put control back in the user’s hands with our Vollrath induction rethermalizers. For one, they’re waterless, meaning there’s no need to preheat water or deal with the hassles of steam, refills, or drainage. Induction heating means faster retherm times — try 50-60 minutes as opposed to 1.5-2 hours. Plus, thermistor temperature sensing and temp settings in one-degree increments provide super accurate temperature control. The result? Minimized burnt foods and waste, better food taste and quality, and the control every chef deserves.

Serving with Induction

Achieve five-star service with optimal hot food holding and precise temperature control without the hassles of traditional steam wells.