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New 4-Series Induction Ranges. It's like cooking with gas, only better.

We don’t reiterate. We reimagine. And we don’t stop until we know that we’ve come up with something truly groundbreaking. Our new induction ranges are just that—they are everything chefs have been looking for. From industry-leading performance to next level precision and control including an easy-to-use touch screen and sleek design—Vollrath’s latest line of freestanding induction ranges are the epitome of what it means to be Engineered with Exactitude.


For chefs, these new induction ranges not only emulate gas, they exceed gas. A remarkable capacity for power, precision, and control like nothing you've ever laid your hands on. Take a few minutes to watch them in action and allow us to bring to life what we've spent years perfecting.

Boiling water with induction range

Control like this means fast and powerful uninterrupted cooking is avaialable wherever you need it, with these portable induction ranges. Bring food to a boil or reduce to a simmer quickly with flame-like control. A chef that hasn't worked with induction, especially the new induction technology from Vollrath, doesn't know what they are missing.

Cooking over induction range

We don't call it Engineered with Exactitude for nothing. Chefs can lift or tilt a pan to masterfully work with eggs or sauté. Vollrath's 4-Series induction ranges are able to dial in the exact temperature and power level you want. With this type of precision bundled into a portable freestanding induction range, gas and electric just don't compare.

Induction range

The reliability of the new 4-Series induction ranges will surprise you. With over 20 years experience with induction, Vollrath's new technology is unprecedented. These portable induction ranges will provide peace of mind with higher efficiency, durability and protection.

Serving with Induction

Achieve five-star service with optimal hot food holding and precise temperature control without the hassles of traditional steam wells.

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