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Episode 19

The Secret Ingredient

Is the secret ingredient love or beer. Maybe a little of both. Good City Brewing executive chef, Guy Davies shares what it's like to create inspired dishes to complement masterfully crafted beers in Brew City, USA.


Be sure to follow Chef Rich and Justin on Twitter at @ChefRrupp and @jupehr.

Chef Rich's Tip & Trick

Watch Knife Straightening Tip 

Episode Notes

1:09 – Breweries in Milwaukee, WI

4:16 – Varieties of Beer

6:41 – Food at Breweries

7:52 – Chef Rich’s Tips & Tricks: Steeling a Knife

10:05 – Chef Guy Davies Joins the Show

12:58 – Good City Brewing, Downtown

18:00 – The Menu

19:25 – Guy’s Journey to Becoming a Chef

23:28 – Creative Outlet

27:22 – Open Kitchen / Performance Art

30:44 – Good City Beers

38:10 – Beer & Food Pairings

43:25 – Consistency

45:19 – COVID19

49:43 – Guy’s Inspirational Quote