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Episode 35

Should I open my own restaurant?

Chef Angus An is no stranger to opening new establishments. He’s currently the owner/operator of six concepts in Vancouver, British Columbia. Knowing when to make the leap into restaurant ownership can be scary. But Chef Angus is here with tips on what aspects to consider before making a go of it on your own.


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Episode Notes

0:43 – Introducing Chef Angus An

2:07 – Opening a Restaurant

4:33 – Covid-19

7:18 – Growing Up in a Family Restaurant

10:10 – Chef Angus Joins the Show

11:54 – Opening Six Restaurants

13:24 – Dealing with Covid-19

17:03 – Market Research

20:59 – The Risk

23:32 – Changing Concepts

26:32 – Getting in Grocery

30:49 – Selecting the Right Ideas

39:01 – Business Advice   

49:47 – Lasting Changes from Covid-19

53:30 – Angus’ Inspirational Quote

54:52 – Find Chef Angus, and his new cookbook, online