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Preserving Black Culinary History

It has been said that history helps define our past and shape our future. As the founder of the organization Black Culinary History, Chef Therese Nelson has spent much of her career exploring, recording, and educating others on the culinary roots of black culture. Therese joins Chef Rich and Justin this week to discuss her mission of preserving the legacy being constructed by black chefs for this next generation.


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Episode Notes

1:29 – About Our Guest, Chef Therese Nelson, and Culinary History

8:41 – Chef Therese Nelson Joins the Show

9:16 – Her Journey and Passion

17:14 – Inspiration for Black Culinary History 

24:26 – Charleston 

28:45 – It Starts with the Truth

33:45 – Black Foodways

42:37 – Learning the Rules of the Game

50:55 – Chef Therese talks about who influences her work 

55:32 – Favorite Dish

1:02:44 – Chef Therese’s Inspirational Quote

1:05:41 – Find more information online about Chef Therese and her work


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