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Time Tested. Chef Approved.

At our very core, we are a cookware company. Many things have changed over the last 150 years, but one hasn't: Vollrath's commitment to producing some of the finest commercial cookware in the world.

Premium Commercial Cookware

Lightweight yet durable, our aluminum cookware provides professional performance at a lower price point for the best value.

Our Wear-Ever ® and Wear-Ever ® Classic Select lines are constructed of 3004-Series aluminum that is fortified with manganese and magnesium for impact resistance that far surpasses that of your average aluminum cookware. The Arkadia ™ line is built from heavy-gauge 3000 aluminum.

When it comes to heat conductivity, aluminum cookware shines – pulling heat up the sides of the pot or pan quickly and evenly.

Wear-Ever® Cookware

Wear-Ever cookware offers thoughtfully-designed options including: different handle styles and a range of nonstick coatings, sizes, shapes and covers. It provides top performance for demanding commercial kitchens.

Arkadia™ Cookware

Arkadia™ offers a complete economy collection of aluminum frying pans, sauce pans, stock pots and sauce pots to meet the demands of your kitchen. Designed for the value conscious customer.

Heavier than aluminum, stainless offers superior durability. Its harder, smoother surface has excellent release properties and isn’t prone to reacting to corrosive ingredients such as salt and acidic foods.

Stainless steel guarantees flavor neutrality and unmatched performance whether being used on gas, electric or induction stovetops. All of our stainless steel cookware is induction-ready and our premium offerings are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Available in tri-ply or clad-bottom construction, our stainless steel cookware is the ultimate in versatility.

Tribute® Cookware

A versatile choice for high-end commercial kitchens, Tribute cookware is extremely durable, features a Tri-Ply construction for perfect heat distribution, our premier nonstick coating and stay-cool ergonomic handles.

Centurion® Cookware

Centurion cookware is constructed of durable stainless steel that takes whatever you dish out and won’t pit or discolor and can outfit your kitchen to work hard all day and all night.

Intrigue® Cookware

Heavy-gauge stainless steel, large clad bottoms and a stunning satin and mirror finish combination make Intrigue cookware the go-to cookware for presentation cooking and an ideal choice for busy professional kitchens.

Optio™ Cookware

This stainless steel cookware is noted for its lightweight, easy-to-handle design. Its high-quality stainless steel construction, consistent cooking and reliable performance makes it a wise choice for restaurant kitchens and catering businesses.

Chef Cooking with a Fry Pan

Built to the highest standards. YOURS.

Serious chefs hold their cuisine to a high level of expectations. After all, each dish that leaves their kitchen is a representation of them. We view our cookware the same way.

Each piece of Vollrath cookware is born only from materials that meet our strict standards. Thoughtfully designed and built to last, our products have become synonymous with quality. And we've earned that reputation from those who have to earn theirs.

Chef Carolina Diaz

Vollrath Pans are an essential tool in my restaurant. They offer great heat transfer that allows us to sear fish and meat evenly, but most importantly without ever sticking to the pan. The ones we use have lasted years and are in great shape.”

Chef Carolina Diaz Culinary Director - Art Institute of Chicago

Tribute Fry pans

The start of something spectacular.

Creating a memorable dish can be painstaking work. From sourcing ingredients to dialing-in technique, every last component is scrutinized until it is perfected. After investing all that time and energy into recipe development, settling for a one-size-fits-all piece of cookware just doesn't make sense.

You need the right tool for the job – a piece of cookware that feels like it was made for you. That's why we have taken the time to produce wide-ranging lines of cookware that incorporate a host of materials, sizes, finishes, and price points, giving you the freedom to select a piece of cookware that specifically fits your application.

Dominique Ansel

They're great quality pieces. Investing in proper tools and equipment is always one of the first lessons for a chef. At the end of the day, you can't make great food without the groundwork and necessary equipment to do so. ”

Dominique Ansel Chef/Owner - Eponymous Bakeries in New York, Tokyo, London, and Los Angeles

Historical Image

The pans that built the brand.

It's difficult to find a company with a century and a half of staying power. That's because it's even harder to find products that stand the test of time like ours.

Since 1874, we have been honing the craft of constructing reliable cookware that excels in professional kitchens.

A lot of trends have come and gone in the last 150 years, but Vollrath has remained.

Women Assembly line

Celebrating 150 Years

As we celebrate 150 years of service and innovation, this significant milestone represents a unique moment to celebrate our heritage of quality and sustainability, while also looking ahead to our next chapter. We are driven by the success of our employees and their families, business partners, customers and communities, and this is reflected in our new tagline: Creating Better™. We are committed to creating better products, better job opportunities, and better communities.

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