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Episode 63

Navigating the New Normal

Chef Brittani Ratcliff is back to discuss her point of view on the current state of college and university foodservice. She details her experiences transitioning from sous chef to executive chef at Morehead State University. We also dive into everything from growing microgreens to working through the variety of challenges facing the industry.

Plus, we leave plenty of time to discuss Halloween, Chef Brittani’s favorite holiday


Be sure to follow Chef Rich and Justin on Twitter at @ChefRrupp and @jupehr.

Episode Notes

1:17 – The history of the right-hand man 

2:27 – Chef Brittani Ratcliff is back! 

3:54 – Candy corn

6:53 – Go-to Halloween candy 

10:26 – Chef Rich’s trick or treat story 

12:29 – Root vegetables and Halloween 

15:04 – Tips for roasting pumpkin seeds 

16:20 – Eatin’ pumpkins vs. carvin’ pumpkins 

17:11 – Rotisserie ovens 

18:53 – Chef Brittani joins the show 

19:43 – Halloween year-round

21:38 – Getting married on Halloween 

22:37 – Catering your own wedding 

26:12 – Appalachian folklore 

27:07 – Chef Brittani’s new job 

28:54 – Growing microgreens 

37:24 – Sourcing challenges 

39:48 – The return of students 

42:53 – Managing catering 

45:16 – Handling a shorthanded staff 

50:02 – Special Halloween menu 

55:04 – Charcoal ice cream 

57:00 – Moonshine 

1:04:03 – Chef Brittani’s inspirational quote 

1:05:45 – Nate’s Notes 

1:07:51 – Outro


Podcast Episodes

From Kentucky to Hell’s Kitchen

Chef Brittani Ratcliff joins Chef Rich and Justin on the show this week. She talks about the lessons she has learned on her culinary journey, discusses her experiences as a sous chef at Morehead State University, and gives us an inside look at what it’s like to cook on a reality T.V. show.

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