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Episode 70

Mastering the Craft

Chef Rich and Justin are joined by Joseph Leonardi who is director of operations at The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts and one of only 72 Certified Master Chefs in America. In this in-depth episode, Chef Joseph shares the wisdom he has developed during his culinary journey and offers his views on everything from dealing with failure to beekeeping.


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Episode Notes

0:53 – Stay tuned for Nate’s Notes

2:36 – Being the expert 

6:11 – Chef Joseph Leonardi joins the show 

7:57 – Having a support system 

10:34 – Mentoring other chefs 

12:48 – Dealing with failure 

15:12 – The test 

18:31 – Responsibilities

20:22 – Networking with colleagues 

23:25 – Success stories 

24:40 – Chef Joseph’s culinary journey 

30:11 – The educational side 

32:53 – Shifting demographics 

36:24 – Advice for elevating success in the kitchen 

38:46 – Beekeeping and honey 

50:24 – Competitive cooking 

54:35 – Next steps 

57:51 – Going out to eat 

59:36 – Chef Joseph’s mantra 

1:02:45 – Nate’s Notes 

1:04:33 – Outro