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Episode 66

Making Quality Food Affordable

Being able to provide quality food quickly and at an affordable price can be difficult. Nate Weir, vice president of culinary at Modern Restaurant Concepts, joins the Vollrath Feed this week to discuss how he and his team do just that. He shares his thoughts on sourcing ingredients, training staff, equipment selection, and how the establishments he oversees are gateways to healthier eating.


Be sure to follow Chef Rich and Justin on Twitter at @ChefRrupp and @jupehr.

Episode Notes

0:51 – We love chefs 

2:09 – Missing the hustle and bustle 

5:03 – Defining fast casual foodservice 

7:44 – Shifting expectations 

9:52 – Chef Nate Weir joins the show 

10:32 – Seasonal menu changes 

12:14 – What drives menu design 

15:17 – Balancing quality and cost 

17:44 – Setting up cooks for success 

23:07 – The fast casual label 

25:25 – Selecting the proper equipment 

31:51 – Mentoring opportunities 

34:44 – Chef Nate’s culinary journey 

41:44 – Gathering employee feedback 

43:40 – Chef Nate’s inspirational quote 

46:52 – Nate’s Notes 

48:26 – Outro


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