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Episode 28

Lessons in leverage

It's no secret that word of mouth travels at warp speed thanks to online reviews. Sam Elbandak, owner of The New Spot on Polk in San Francisco, has developed a formula for success when responding to customers' experiences at his restaurant.


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Episode Notes

1:34 – Succeeding as an Owner/Operator

3:18 – Delivery

8:26 – Sam Elbandak Joins the Show

12:22 – Getting into Foodservice

13:12 – Working with your Spouse

14:37 – Petitioning Against Online Delivery

22:04 – Responding to Customer Reviews

33:46 – Creating Memories

37:24 – The Restaurant Family

39:44 – Menu Favorites

42:37 – Keeping Local, Seasonal, and Organic

43:09 – Rave Reviews

46:07 – Discover The New Spot on Polk

47:15 – Sam’s Inspirational Quote