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Episode 6

Ghost Kitchens

Chef Rich and Justin dive into the world of ghost kitchens with Joe Schumaker, President and CEO of Food Space, a foodservice consulting startup headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA. In the midst of Covid-19, they look at how the business of faceless kitchens is evolving the foodservice industry.


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Follow Joe and Food Space @My_FoodSpace 

Episode Notes

1:02 – Joe Schumaker introduction

2:06 – Ghost kitchens

6:22 – Food delivery

10:06 – 3rd party delivery

12:02 – Ghost kitchens vs expansions

15:46 – Joe joins the show

19:10 – Focus on the food & kitchen design

21:52 – ghost Kitchens & cloud kitchens

25:21 – How Covid-19 is changing restaurant concepts

29:30 – Delivery technology & increasing food quality

30:44 – Joe’s perspective on 3rd party delivery & what’s to come

41:29 – Ghost kitchen’s flexibility to rebrand

47:45 – Joe’s inspirational quote