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Episode 71

Designing for the future

Chef Rich and Justin are joined by Matt Schuler who is director of culinary development at SCOPOS Hospitality Group. Matt shares how he leverages his experience in the kitchen to help operators balance layout, product selection, food safety, and food quality for maximum efficiency.


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Episode Notes

0:27 – Don’t miss the recap

2:55 – The importance of culinary development

4:58 – Matt Schuler joins the show

5:53 – Matt’s culinary progression

15:35 – Solving problems

16:57 – When experience pays off

20:04 – Having a foodservice-focused brain

23:50 – Senior living facilities

27:01 – Using technology

30:46 – Proposing equipment solutions

33:07 – The next big thing(s)

36:19 – Environmental factors and induction

42:48 – Creating a quality work situation

45:16 – The evolution of foodservice design

47:07 – Scratching the itch

51:57 – Matt’s inspirational quote

53:17 – Nate’s Recap

55:29 – Outro