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Episode 2

Chicken Soup and Foodservice Altruism

Chef Rich and Justin discuss the finer points of an American classic: chicken soup. Then, Chicago-area chef Jereme McGovern joins the show to discuss his mission to feed fellow foodservice workers who are in need of assistance. He aims to provide 100 meals per day to members of his industry family who need it most.


Keep up with Chef Jereme’s efforts by following him on Instagram at @chefjereme_1.

Be sure to follow Chef Rich on Twitter at @ChefRrupp

Grandma’s chicken soup recipe from Dr. Rennard:
See Recipe

Chef Rich’s dumpling recipe:
See Recipe

Episode Notes

0:32 – Chicken soup: good for the soul, good for the body 

5:13 – The difference between stock and broth 

7:03 – How to make your own chicken stock 

12:57 – The secret to a quality dumpling 

15:32 – Chef Jereme McGovern joins the show! 

23:10 – How Chef Jereme is giving back to his foodservice family

29:49 – Advice for setting up a ghost kitchen 

31:27 – How you can help 

36:49 – Outro