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Episode 30

Battle of the Chefs

You probably know that Chef Graham Elliot is a world-class chef and well-loved tv personality. But do you know what aspect of foodservice he values the most, or what his white whale of G.I Joe collectibles is? Join Rich and Justin as they pick Graham's brain about food, tv, and rock and roll.


Be sure to follow Chef Rich and Justin on Twitter at @ChefRrupp and @jupehr.

Follow Chef Graham Elliot through these social platforms: 

Twitter: @grahamelliot

Facebook: @thegrahamelliot

Instagram: @grahamelliot

Episode Notes

0:50 – Introducing Graham Elliot

7:20 – Chef Graham Elliot Joins the Show

9:48 – Graham’s Journey to becoming a Chef

15:54 – Restaurant Success

20:10 – Turning to Television

25:12 – Every Chef wants to be in a Band

27:43 – Celebrity Chef

35:32 – Judging Chefs on TV

38:28 – Kids in the Kitchen

41:50 – What’s Next?

46:15 – Creating Culture

50:39 – Pop Quiz: Random Questions & Fun Stories

1:01:17 – Graham’s Inspirational Quote

1:04:47 – More About Graham