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Episode 64

Actionable Sustainability

In the foodservice world, sustainability has transitioned from interesting concept to necessity. Lisia Spellman, Sustainability Director for Compass Group at the University of Pittsburgh joins the show to discuss the reusable container program she spearheads as part of the school’s sustainability initiatives. The program strives to minimize the number of disposable food containers used on campus.


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Episode Notes

0:37 – The podcast is the highlight of our day 

1:18 – Sustainability has become a focal point 

8:01 – Lisia Spellman joins the show 

8:55 – Lisia’s story 

10:55 – Bringing sustainability initiatives to campus 

13:09 – The reusable container program 

27:44 – Sorting through the numbers 

30:22 – How you can implement a similar program 

33:30 – How the U.S. stacks up

35:27 – Taking the first steps 

38:31 – Learning a new language 

42:23 – Lisia’s inspirational quote 

44:35 – Nate’s Notes 

46:39 – Outro


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Thinking Critically About Nutrition

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