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Episode 59

A Deep Dive on Food

As a culinary historian, food essayist, and former host of the Emmy Award-winning television show Wisconsin Foodie on PBS, Kyle Cherek has a unique perspective on food and its role in culture as well as its place in the world. Kyle joins Chef Rich and Justin on The Vollrath Feed Podcast this week to share his experiences and provide thoughts on the culinary world.


Be sure to follow Chef Rich and Justin on Twitter at @ChefRrupp and @jupehr.

Episode Notes

1:47 – About our guest, Kyle Cherek – Food Historian

4:35 – Kyle Cherek Joins the Show

5:58 – Wisconsin Foodie

8:37 – Because of Food

17:28 – Wisconsin Roots

22:02 – Finding Your Voice

37:10 – Favorite Interviews

46:12 – Food is Fashion

56:30 – Kyle’s Inspirational Quote

59:33 – Nate’s Recap


Explore the diverse world of professional kitchens through the eyes of highly acclaimed and up-and-coming chefs from across America. Through insightful interviews, culinary historian and host Kyle Cherek explores the experiences and expertise of each chef with entertaining stories of how they navigate the many challenges of the foodservice industry and make their mark on it.