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Burger and basting covers

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Burger and basting covers

Cooking the perfect burger is a balancing act. Achieving the correct doneness and providing the ideal blanket of melted cheese takes time, but your customers don’t want to wait. But cooking the burger over too high of heat can zap it of its juices. That’s where the aluminum burger/basting cover from Vollrath comes in. The dome is constructed of durable 3004 Series aluminum that shortens the time required to cook a burger or melt cheese, while holding in all of the meat’s juicy goodness. The heat-resistant handle stays cool when the temperatures rise, for safer handling. This cover will become your burgers’ new best friend.

  • Constructed of durable 3004 Series aluminum
  • Heat-resistant handle ensures safe handling
  • Dome holds-in heat and moisture to help melt cheese or shorten cooking times while helping to lock-in juices

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