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Conveyor Sandwich Ovens

Conveyor Ovens

Conveyor Sandwich Ovens

The Vollrath® conveyor sandwich ovens easily create beautifully crisp toast and sandwich bread, gooey melted cheese and warm tasty toppings. The variable controls allow quick adjustments, ensuring deliciously toasted sandwiches every time, while the energy-efficient quartz heating elements are fast and powerful. Forced convection saves energy and provides consistent heating for beautifully toasted results.

  • Designed to toast sandwich bread, melt cheese and warm meat — not intended to cook raw food
  • Quartz heating elements respond quickly and save energy
  • Forced convection toasting achieves consistent results and improves energy efficiency
  • Variable-speed control helps you achieve desired results
  • Maintenance-free drive system — stainless steel drive chain does not require lubrication

The Vollrath Conveyor Sandwich Ovens Family